Our Mission

We support and encourage active and healthy lifestyles, by offering ethically sourced and eco-friendly nutritional products for the performance-driven athlete.

Company History

In 2006, H+ Sport founder Henry Twill set out to create supplements and nutritional products made from the purest ingredients and backed by scientific and performance data – to provide a strong basis of trust and accountability.

His quest began while training for his first 5K marathon, after recovering from a lengthy injury that left him with residual aches, pains, and decreased athletic performance. He yearned for simple and natural ingredients, in their purest form, instead of labels with lengthy chemical names and disclaimers. When no products lived up to his strict requirements, Henry set his sights on creating products that catered to his own vision.

Today that vision has become H+ Sport…offering a variety of supplements, energy bars and rehydration solutions. At the foundation of H+ Sports are products backed by scientific and performance data.


H+ Sport is dedicated to creating eco-friendly, high-quality, nutrient-rich, nutritional products that enhance active lifestyles. We guarantee it. Take a look at some of our products.

Our Guarantee & Ideals

We’re committed to creating products that defy convention, and inspire our customers with pride and trust. In fact, we guarantee every product we sell. If you’re not 100 percent happy with your purchase, you can return it during the first 60 days, no questions asked.

Philanthropy is extremely important to us. In fact, each employee volunteers for organization of his or her choice, on the clock, for two hours each week. We know that doing good, breeds more doing good, and we’re happy to promote a cycle of volunteerism that just keeps on giving.


HenryTwill Photo

Henry Twill, Jr


Henry Twill Jr. is the founder and CEO of H+ Sports. Previously he was an athletic trainer working with several top athletes, making sure that they had the direction and proper coaching to keep them at the top of their game. Henry’s passion for finding natural alternatives led him to developing H+ Sport Multivitamins. The supplements became a success with his clients and led to the creation of H+ Sports.

JessicaNewton Photo

Jessica Newton-Smith, MBA


Jessica Newton-Smith joined us in 2012 and brings more than 10 years of financial management experience to H+ Sports, spanning a variety of companies and industries ranging from Fortune 500 agencies to start-ups. She has extensive experience working in emerging markets and in the consumer and retail sectors.

PhiTang Photo

Phi Tang, MBA

Director of Product Development

Phi Tang joined H+ Sports in 2007 as Manager of Marketing Research. He was promoted to Director of Product Development in 2011. He has made major contributions to the discovery, development, and implementation of the H+ Sport product lines. Before joining the company he worked as a scientific expert and brings vast knowledge of ingredients and new technologies.

MariaSontas Photo

Maria Sontas

Director of Marketing

Maria Sontas has been with H+ Sport since 2010. She oversees the company’s marketing strategy – ensuring advertising campaigns, social media initiatives, and events are planned to position the company strongly in a competitive marketplace. Maria is a competing triathlete and her passion for our products shows in her unique ability to drive awareness and increase our presence around the world.

AngelaHaston Photo

Angela Hashton

Director of Sales

Angela Hashton joined the company in 2009, to initiate new relationships for our growing line of H+ Sports active apparel. After being with the company for a year, she was promoted to Director of Sales. Angela is the drive behind the H+ Sport ACTIVE product line and has an uncanny ability to formulate strategies that have helped build our unified sales force. Educating people about health and nutrition is something that Angela holds dear.

MichaelLewiston Photo

Michael Lewiston

MFA, Creative Director

Michael Lewiston is a multi-faceted creative person who began his career as a designer for a small business firm, while also working as an independent painter and sculptor. In 2007, Henry Twill was impressed by Michael’s creative work in a national ad campaign for a high profile sports apparel company. Henry approached Michael, and asked him to manage creative direction for the H+ Sport ACTIVE apparel line.