Whatcha gonna spend your free moneys on?

By mlumadue on April 27, 2020

Pew Research Center (pew pew) found that 71% of the 11,000,000 people who filed unemployment claims in March have not gotten a penny. At least the second round of direct deposit stimulus checks from the IRS is underway. My stepdaughter got hers last week in the first round, and yesterday received a letter from Trump taking credit for the whole thing in both English and Spanish. Along with this relief, we also get a break from the daily briefings. Small concession after a day of crazy (and now deleted) tweets, news that the virus can spread in HVAC systems, and Expressen talking about the Swedish experiment going off the rails. At least the rich will reap 80% of the benefit from the virus stimulus. (There's a Democratic bill to undo some of the damage, but not holding my breath.)

So with all this money rolling in, I bought myself some masks. I found that Dick's Sporting Goods have a bunch of the basic masks, but those "warm weather UV skying on the mountain in summer" scarves are hard to come by. I also picked up one from Hot Topic (it has a design from Tokyo Ghoul which I have never seen). I had also ordered some from a couple of obviously Chinese retailers, so I don't expect to see them for the next year or so. I also plan to pay off some of the credit card and hold on to as much as possible because the world is upside down.

And what are all the rich going to do with their windfall? Well, buy a Rolls Royce of course.

Full disclosure, yesterday's post did better than normal on social media, so maybe a car video will do even better than that. Yes, I am a whore.