This portfolio consist of a small smattering of work done in the last 15 years, mostly designed by professional design teams or agencies but developed and / or maintained by myself.

You can find additional information on my GitHub and Drupal profile.

Sage Age Strategies

Sage Age Strategies is an advertising and marketing agency focused on the senior living market, with a mixed Drupal / WordPress / LAMP environment. Up to recently I provided a number of front and back end solutions, focused on Drupal and CRM integration.

Below are links to a full lists of all the Drupal sites I was involved with (well, as full as you can get on short notice), broken down into new, legacy, pay-per-click, and other. But hurry, as sites come and go, and it is impossible for me to maintain this list as I no longer work there. Management is not responsible for any loss or damage. All wrongs reserved.

Drupal Contrib

I have constructed dozens of custom Drupal modules, but only a handful have made it through the necessary testing and polish to be shared with the community. Here is a short list of the modules and a quick description. More information can be found on my Drupal profile page.

Custom WordPress Plugins

I have also developed a handful of WordPress plugins based on the Gravity Forms' Add-on Framework API, each for sending form data to a CRM or other endpoint. Some are quite limited, but a couple are quite "feature rich".

I am working on publishing these onto wordpress.org, but I need to get the WordPress development environment set up so I can finish the polish and testing. In the meantime you are welcome to examine them, use them, fork them, or whatever you wish to do. I love me some open source licensing.

Johnson & Johnson

I started working at Centor in 1999 as a contract to hire, and was grandfathered into J&J the following year, where I worked until 2015. I started there as a web developer for the R&D Communications department and by the time the reaper had caught up with me I was running a small design & development group focused on web applications (mostly based on SharePoint, IE and .NET). A wide variety of solutions were delivered, from simple static sites to enterprise class middleware to IT infrastructure for FDA presentations to integrated display solutions (yes, TVs on the walls).

Of course all were internal, and many have long been replaced. Here is a small sampling of what could be cobbled together from the remains.

TEDx Presentation

Back in 2013 I was elected by members of the IT community at Janssen R&D to give a presentation at the 2013 TEDx J&J Spring House event (I received nearly 10x more votes than any other employee). In this presentation I compare the development of German industrial design in the 19th and 20th century and how it contributed to the expansion of export trade, and compared this to application interface design in a corporate enterprise and how it improves productivity.

Sketches and Doodles

The sketches and doodles contain a number of small interface effects of which I particularity like. Some were completed as part of a larger assignment or as part of a site improvement, while others were done for fun.