Keep it down up there!

By mlumadue on April 29, 2020

Today the Blue Angles flew over my house. Exactly over my house. For some reason living near the now abandoned Willow Grove Naval Air Station (the naval station centrally located in a land-locked state) has made this particular house a magnate for fast low flying airplanes. When the air base was open and they ran the air show every year it was a living nightmare, but since it has closed it has been nice and quiet.

Now before you get all in a huff about how that was for the first responders, I really don't think that the fly-over was really aimed at them. Yes, it is nice and all, if not totally tone deaf of the situation, which would be in line with most if not all decisions made by the administration (don't get me started on the "calling them heroes while cutting their pay and stealing their supplies" thing), but I think the real point of this odd show of force was to let Cuomo and his buddies in the "Regional Advisory Council" (along with the other coalitions) know that you better give the President his due and not get too out of line cause he has the really fast fighter jets and you don't.

Needless to say, the Gothamist covered the event through tweets on how many New Yorkers (and myself in PA) felt about the whole thing. Like this one...

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Should have just gone to an aircraft carrier and stood in front of a banner. At least my cat wouldn't have lost its mind.