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By mlumadue on April 30, 2020

As reported here earlier, it looks like we are headed for a meat shortage. As part of his war against reality, Trump has ordered that meat processing plants are to stay open. Meat processing employees responded with a collective 'meh'. California does not seem concerned, which is nice for them.

Meanwhile, the pandemic shows no signs of abating, with 70 dead in one veteran's home outbreak, and an investigation shows that the death toll is much higher that has been reported. There is good news tho. South Korea found that "reinfections" turned out to be false positives and Oxford University is reporting that their vaccine is working in monkey models and they expect to have one ready by September.

One thing is for sure, this pandemic has shown that our leaders are clueless about what things cost and if taxes don't go up on the rich there will be hell to pay.

In other newz...

Hackers are targeting health infrastructure. No honor among thieves.

Harry Reid is not saying it was aliens

AMC Theaters throw a hissy fit over the Trolls movie. Extinction looms.

Your Cisco router may soon not be able to resist not working

New Scientist has gotten into their chemistry set and is wondering if the universe is conscious.

Col tngs frm rnd da wb...

Inspector Gadget theme on eight cellos. I'll get you next time...

Cherry blossom web cam rappa chia rappa

Otter destruction. That is all.

COVID-19 "Blow The Wind" Remix. Heat: Burn this thing.

• And the coolest thing from the web... isolating Kermit sings Rainbow Connection...