Irony is dead

By mlumadue on May 4, 2020

What better way for someone to protest the safety measures that only benefit the parasites of society then to don your I *heart* Ayn Rand Neck Gaiter, which is only slightly (~100%) more expensive than one of those conformist models you find on Dick's Sporting Goods, and that's fake news, just like the virus not being made in a Chinese lab, which also happens to be the same country that made this neck gaiter, since China is out best friend or isn't depending on who's listening.

*sigh* I was going to take a day off, as this is the 31st quarantine blog post, marking one month passing, but when I saw an ad for the Alas Society I just... couldn't. Well, may I could have but then this happened...

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So on this day, the deadliest day of the pandemic for the US (so far), where the reopening of states will cause over 200,000 more deaths (according to Wharton, but what do they know), where yet another state has to hide supplies from FEMA, where the two Koreas have started a little tit-for-tat boarder shooting, and where the President* of the United States starts getting all biblical, I had to write something, and what happened today keeps reminding me of a song I wrote back in college. Let our Kipling speak.

I’m tellin’ you baby, time ain’t on our side
I know you can run but there’s no place to hide
All of your money won’t be no use
When all of this hell starts to break loose
The President speaks on this new “master race”
Its gonna be funny when the shit hits his face
I’m tellin’ you, baby, things are gonna get hot
So, all you out there better buy what I’ve got
Look at all the many ways the people run
Now’s the time to buy yourself a used gun
Playin’ with your life in the setting sun
Now’s the time to buy yourself a used gun

Maybe now is the time to buy a used gun. And why not get a Who Is John Galt Neck Gaiter to go along with it. You can let the mindless masses know you're going Galt while preventing your hairdresser from doing the same.