One month (and a day) down

By mlumadue on May 5, 2020

One month down so I am taking a night off from this... Or am I? After all here I am typing a blog entry that will only be buried under the mass of noise on social media. I could post about how one idiot's statement of the obvious about how the pandemic has shown that trickle-down economic theory was bullshit, or I could hypothesize that Gilead giving the Fed control over the distribution of remdesivir will only end in more patronage and favoritism with the majority of the stockpile going to "red" states or saved for Jared Kushner's skin treatments. I could ramble how the virus has gone from a hoax to a Chinese plot, how there has been 150 wildcat workers strikes since March but only the coronuts' protests get any news coverage, how the administration is privately predicting that the daily death toll will double over the next month, or maybe how the snowiest of snowflakes feels that only Lincoln got a worse treatment from the press while looking like a little kid in timeout watched over by a marble schoolmaster. Or maybe I could go on about how most worrying of all of this is how the states are slowing mirroring a map from 1865.

Well, I could do all that but I'm not. I'm taking the evening off. So watch this crappy Jim Carrey sitcom from the mid-80s.

I'm sure there will be plenty of mayhem to discuss tomorrow.