What does it matter to ya?

By mlumadue on May 6, 2020

I was going to touch on the ever expanding meat supply chain breakdown, with Wendy's locations running out of hamburgers and Tyson saying that pork production is down 50% despite Trump's demanding that reality bend to his will, but the gods that rule this plane of existence, Adversity and Absurdity, created a magical moment and PBS was there to captured it.

The House of the Rising Sun? OK that is somewhat appropriate. What's next on the radio, Mister DJ? Live and Let Die? Noice. (The Elton John Tiny Dancer follow up works as well, but on another level.)

The Gods aren't crazy, we just don't normally get their sixth sense of humor. I will leave the witty observations on how no one is wearing a face mask while touring a face mask factory to your imagination.