News day... Another news day...

By mlumadue on May 7, 2020

The numbers are in, and it looks like we have the worst job lost in the history of the ADP National Employment Report, which started surveying in 2002, with a loss of 20,200,000 to private payrolls in April, and many of those who were counted as furloughed are being moved into the laid-off category. To add salt to the wound, investors are turning to Chinese bond market as a safe haven This could be a sign of the end of dollar dominance as a reserve currency. I am sure the continued collapse of the oil market isn't helping this any.

Things don't appear to be getting any better for the meat supply chain, as workers are refusing to return to their jobs. And who can blame them? Heck, 145 Federal inspectors have been diagnosed with the virus, and 3 of them have died. At least the FDA is finally demanding that coronavirus antibody tests be made that actually work. That didn't take too long. Just in time for Trump to declare victory over reality and find something that might help him with re-election. God knows that leadership is not one of his strongest qualities. Of course his team has been relying on what can generously be called a flawed "cubic model". (Nate Silver might have a better description.) At least the virus has shown us one thing: The Republican party is no longer "pro-life".

There is some good news out there. There's a Mt. Sinai study that shows blood thinners improve virus outcomes, and Oxford's timeline for a vaccine has moved up to September of this year. There is also a bi-partisan Senate bill that would make green cards available for doctors and nurses, although it limits to 90 days past Trump lifting the virus emergency (which at this rate will be in the next day or two). This measure will be too late to help some people, tho'.

Other... Other... Other news...

Republicans are nearly three times more likely then Democrats to refuse a coronavirus vaccine. Sounds like a self correcting problem.

The Governor of Arizona fired the scientist that warned him re-opening the state could be a mistake. Can't let reality get in the way of a haircut and manipedi.

"Only the best people" who tried to kidnap Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro livetweeted the whole thing. But they had the element of surprise.

• Two businesses in Utah told staff to ignore coronavirus guidelines. You can guess the rest.

'Black Mirror' creator says that the world is too bleak for a season 6. No joke necessary.

Facebook removed accounts linked to QAnon. Where are stupid people going to get their news now?

X-Boned. Maybe 2021.

Cool things... Cool things... From 'round the web...

Explosion powered rockets. Big-bada-boom.

Cool soaps from the 60s and 70s. I remember Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Daniel Radcliffe reads the first chapter from Philosopher's Stone. That is all.

• And the coolest thing on teh interwebs right now...? Space Force!