Let's Hear It for 'ignore-platform-reqs'

By mlumadue on September 29, 2023

So as you know (like there is anyone reading this) I recently returned to posting on my site... well not so much posting as made a post less than 6 months ago. So now that this is a regular thing, I thought I would share something that I am thankful for: Composer 2's switch 'ignore-platform-reqs'. With all the recent upgrading of all the PHP and Drupal versions all over the place, this addition has gotten me out of more than one predicament, and it is about time that something like this has been added to the madness that is composer dependencies.

I am not going to go into how you use it. You have google, and I hope you know how searching works. I am only here to sing the praises of this humble switch that should have been there all along. So if there there are dependencies that are standing in your way, and you know if you could make it work if this one package would just install, then 'ignore-platform-reqs' is your best friend.

So next time you have to build out a symfony environment or Drupal upgrades are getting you down, know that this humble switch will be in your corner. It is about time.