Another Cartoon Time!

By mlumadue on October 1, 2023

I admit it, I pay for HBO. Not just Max or HBO Plus or MOB or whatever they're calling their streaming service. No, I pay for old fashion HBO on cable, that comes with a half-dozen stations I never watch. Why? Because changing the channel line up would be more expensive to remove HBO than it is just leaving it there. At least it comes with Max, so I get to watch their streaming offering get worse and worse as Discovery removes all the good stuff and packs it with Bachelor Baking Challenge Halloween Edition and So You Hate Your House and Dr. Foo Antarctic Vet and other reality crap TV that Discovery is so good at.

Well to my surprise, the Max service released something I was nominally interested in watching. I'm no Adventure Time knucklehead, but I did enjoy the later seasons with their complex story arcs and hidden adult themes. So despite my general avoidance of sequels and spin-offs, I gave Fionna and Cake a shot. I am glad I did. The themes of loss and love and change really sat well with me, as I am facing some of these same issues in my personal life, and it was nice to hear Tom Kenny do a sorta normal voice once in a while.

If you happen to have the Max streaming service for whatever reason (do not subscribe directly, because it does kinda suck), give Fionna and Cake a couple of episodes. You may like it. Or just Yo-ho-ho it and give Discovery Networks the middle finger. Because they deserve it.